Loadout Commissions open

TF2 Loadout  as pic and TF2 ingame Spray |  20€ 


More informations under the cut  (Signal boost would be really appreciated i really could need some money  ^^” )

One picture of a TeamFortress Loadeout of your choice  in Red or Blue( ca. 3550x3500px, 300dpi)  + the picture as TF2 in game spray (with transparency)  for 20 € (Euro)

With a Weapon + 5€

Red and Blue version + 5€ (2 pics, 2 sprays)

[Do] Painted, Blu or Red, any Class, additional text  ( Unusuals upon consultation)

[Don’t] Shoes / every misc below the hips (for full-body pictures checkout my commission guide :) ) 

If you’re interested pls contact me on Skype (BlastedKing)  or send me an ask here :)

Pls use the current converter (click here) to check the  current exchange rates  )

(Paypal only)